Credit Counseling

Not everyone is great with finances, which is why jobs like ours exist. One part of our job is to help our clients with our debt relief and credit counseling options so that they can achieve their goals. To do this, we will help you to understand your debts, as well as your income and what your big plans are. We can also set you up with a debt recovery program to help you pay off your current debts quicker so that you can move on to more exciting things with fewer restraints holding you back.


Understanding your debts

If you have a range of credit cards and loans that you are already working on paying off, we can help you to analyze them. We want to help you understand exactly how much you are paying each month and how long you have until you are free of them. By understanding your debts, you will be in a better position to plan for the future. With the programs through Debt Consolidation Indianapolis, Indiana, you will be able to clearly see what your obligations are and work out the best way to manage them.


Understanding your income

The only way to manage your debts is to understand your income. This is why this step is so important for our clients when we provide insight into your finances. You need to understand all your income and expenditure to be able to make plans and stick to them. Which is what our team is here to help you with. We know that trying to understand this yourself is tricky, which is why an unbiased view of your income and expenditure can help you to see things as they really are, rather than being clouded by your own overwhelmed thoughts.


Understanding your credit desires

If you are coming to us because you have a big idea and need a new loan but are concerned about your current ones, we can help you understand how much more credit you can manage. We do this by incorporating the past two steps. Understanding both your current debts, your income, and all your other expenditure. We can then understand how much disposable income you have at the end of the month and whether it would be viable for you to take out another loan and your maximum credit capacity. Our team is here to help you make the best decisions for your finance.


Debt recovery programs 

When your plans for credit counseling are more along the lines of reducing your credit rather than increasing it, we can help you make that happen. Many people want to get their debts paid off as soon as possible so that they can have freedom. But most are at a complete loss on how to make that happen. By going through your income and expenses, we can help you consolidate your debts as well as increase your repayments to get your finances back on track in no time with the help of Debt Consolidation Indianapolis, Indiana.

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